Hou deze pagina goed in de gaten, hier deel ik alle interessante en inspirerende evenementen!


Hou deze pagina goed in de gaten, hier deel ik alle interessante en inspirerende evenementen!


Maart 2020

Impact Hub Amsterdam

Calling on all female social entrepreneurs! We want to create more space for you by giving you a podium to pitch your startup and ask our audience to help you with your current need. Through this networking event we bring you, female social entrepreneurs together to inspire each and help each other grow your businesses. 

As female social entrepreneurs, we experience gender bias in doing business. There are fewer female entrepreneurs and it is harder for women to have access to funding. We want to share our experiences with other female entrepreneurs to help each other overcome these types of obstacles, create a network to continue to work together, hire each other and inspire each other. In this way, we can change the culture for female entrepreneurs and help each other grow. We are working towards closing the funding gap, and this event will allow female entrepreneurs to meet with sponsors and investors to access funding.

Food will be served by  Mina Kim from the Table for Kimchi. 

During the networking part of the evening there will be a market place with different female networks, entrepreneurs and organizations, such as Marijke Krabbenbos from Bites & Business and Eva de Meijer from Strenghts Consultancy. 

18.45 Walk-in and registration
19.00 Start: Welcome
19.15 Origin story ‘Know it, Name it, Love it’ by Vira Mistry
19.30 Origin story ‘Meer Vrouwen in de Politiek’ by Marie-Anne van Reijen
19.45 Pitches: 10 female entrepreneurs
20.15 Funding expert
20.30 Networking
22.00 End

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Marie-Anne van Reijen
Advies / Spreker / Trainer
T: 06 4707 2409

KvK: 69108307
BTW-nr: 176615349B01

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